Avoiding Questions, Building your Mind, and the Game of Life - The Weekly Zazz #16

How excited are you for 2021?

Do you remember the school days when the teacher used to ask, if you have any questions and even if you did have one, you wouldn't ask because of what others would think of you.

Well, those same people are carrying the torch on social media as well, who don't open up thinking what would others think.

If you have something to say or share, go right ahead. Give yourself the permission and open up, ask if you want to ask, share if you want to share, you have the entire world in your hand (smartphone).

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  1. PODCAST: My daily blog has over 600+ blog posts, at this time, and this podcast done on a daily basis has over 100+ episodes now. The question is, why do I it on a daily basis?

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    • Worked or not, Gratitude is constant. Read here.

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Edition 39

my weekly recommendations of What To Read, What To Listen, and What To Watch.

What To Read:

  1. Beware the ‘lifestyle optimization’ trap. Read more here.

  2. Exercise With A Mask On Can Be Really Good For You, Actually.
    Read here.

  3. What the hell is the Pomodoro Technique and why is it good for productivity?
    Check it out here.

  4. Building Emotional Safety Nets for Men. Read more here.

  5. Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Your Mental Health. Read here.

What To Listen:

  1. Back with a Bang! Faye D’souza joins Varun Duggirala on Advertising is Dead, talking about her perspective on the state of journalism today, her career and journey so far, and most importantly, to help us understand what it means to be a journalist in today’s world.
    Check it out here.

  2. The battle of Instagram vs TikTok on the Business Wars podcast. Listen here.

  3. Seth Godin on the game of life, the value of hacks, and overcoming anxiety, on The Tim Ferriss Show. Listen to it here.

  4. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) on his expanding tech empire, 10 million subscribers, and are we at ‘Peak Smartphone’?, on That Creative Life podcast.
    Check it out here.

  5. Wayne Rooney joins the Manchester United Podcast to look back on his record-breaking years at Old Trafford. Listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. Kunal Shah is joined by Haresh Chawla, partner at TrueNorth, as they discuss the art of spotting trends for strategies that will outperform the competition in any industry. Watch it here.

  2. The Wild Power of Aggregation Theory. Watch here.

  3. Al PacinoRobert De Niro, and Joe Pesci discuss their acting methods in Scorsese’s The Irishman.
    Check it out here.

  4. I saw Jallikattu this week and it’s such a magnificent film. I absolutely recommend it. Check it out here.

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In the world of TECH:

  1. YouTube upgrades Premieres with trailers, themes, and a live pre-show option

  2. Google Maps takes on Facebook with the launch of its own newsfeed

  3. Android’s winter update adds new features to Gboard, Maps, Books, Nearby Share, and more

  4. WhatsApp lets you use custom wallpapers for each chat

In the world of MARKETING:

  1. Instagram's 'Live Rooms' is rolling out in India

  2. TikTok Is Reportedly Testing Longer Videos

  3. Twitter’s Audio Spaces test includes transcriptions, speaker controls, and reporting features

  4. Spotify is publicly testing its own version of Stories

In the world of BUSINESS:

  1. Sandeep Kataria is Bata’s global head; the first Indian to hold the top post

  2. Flipkart’s PhonePe Valued At $5.5 Billion As It Becomes A Separate Entity

  3. Salesforce buys Slack in a $27.7B megadeal

  4. Facebook buys Kustomer for $1B to expand into customer service tools

In the world of POP CULTURE:

  1. Warner Bros. to release every 2021 movie on HBO Max at the same time as theaters

  2. Spotify Releases Top Streamed songs, Artists, And Podcasts For 2020

  3. YouTube's top trending videos list for 2020 is led by Chappelle's '8:46'

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." — Haruki Murakami

Everything looks difficult when you haven't started. Once you take the first step and are also patient with constant practice, you soon realize how that difficulty was in your mind, but not in reality.

Thank you for your time, honestly and I shall see you next week with the seventeenth edition of the newsletter.

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