Community Rules and Laws, Philosophical Warfare, and Off Time - The Weekly Zazz #13

When you question everything, is also when you're able to jump the line and see ahead.

Are rules or laws important to take care of a community? Are the individuals not smart enough to understand what is right and what isn't? Something that has been on my mind for a while now.

I’ve boiled this down to three things,
A. When there's no higher control, everyone starts thinking about their individual selves, irrespective of the impact of their actions on others. And yet, everyone ends up doing the same thing. There is unity in division.

B. Then comes someone with basic understanding who sets up these rules to bring control, and in process, gets the power. It evens brings mediocrity because now there is a limitation and very few end up playing outside the lines who then join those who set up these rules in the first place.

C. In this mediocrity, some smart individuals question the limitation of those rules and laws. But they are called smart only because they question, but nothing changes, eventually.

Now I'm back to, are rules or laws important to take care of a community? Are the individuals not smart enough to understand what is right and what isn't. If you have anything to add here, I’m happy to continue this conversation and brainstorm on this topic a bit more.

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Edition 34

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Your off time is as important as your go time. Go time is basically when you're doing. Off time is your break, your relaxation time. It's important because if you squeeze your off time into something which drains you, then you won't be ready during your go time, which thus affects everything else as well.

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