Subtraction, Suckers for Nostalgia, and Staying out of Jail - The Weekly Zazz #14

What you look for is what you find.

The more things we add, the bigger our plate looks. Whether we'll be able to finish that plate is something no one asks. Just that the plate should look full.

Instead, if we keep just two things on it, or four, or all, or none, depends on person to person, but one would find more joy and less stress. More satisfaction and less headache.

I wish I was talking about food here, but it's about life, and doing too many things at once, creating this pressure to do more, without being able to enjoy even one wholly.

It's in moments like these when you take a step back and realize this and ultimately take the decision to subtract things from your life, in order to be freer, have more time and less stress. Subtraction creates those opportunities for us, which addition does not.

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  1. PODCAST: If you're working from home, you'd agree that the hours are not fixed anymore, sometimes it gets tiring, the exhaustion gets to you at the end of the day and if there's anything you'd do to change the mood, you would.

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Edition 37

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  1. When Ryan Reynolds Buys a Soccer Team, Dollars Await.
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  3. Social-media innovation is dead. Read more about this here.

  4. Jack Dorsey says social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be addictive. Read here.

  5. Nielsen will be rolling out a cookieless identity resolution system next year.
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  1. New Podcast Alert! Bill Gates and Rashida Jones are hosting it and it’s called, ‘Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions
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  3. Daniel Ricciardo joins the Armchair Expert to discuss getting into racing when he was 9 years old, how he stays fit during the race season, how he finds enjoyment before a race and just how important the first 45 seconds of a race is.
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  4. Chamath Palihapitiya joins Kara Swisher on the Sway podcast and talks about the powers of a tech billionaire. Listen here.

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  1. Pratik Gandhi and Jaideep Ahlawat chat on Film Companion’s Meeting Groundon their so-called ‘overnight success’, the challenge to break into the scene and what it was like to finally taste mainstream success. Watch here.

  2. Wim Hof on the simple method to improve your focus, strength, and confidence, on ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty‘. Check it out here.

  3. In the aftermath of his historic seventh world championship win, Lewis Hamilton talks about the 2020 season, equalling Michael Schumacher’s record, his plans for the future and much more. Watch this here.

  4. The former president, Barack Obama, in the 2020 60 Minutes interview, shares the advice he would give President Trump, his thoughts on the killing of George Floyd, and what’s behind the divisions in Washington and across the U.S. Check it out here.

  5. Spam, a short film by Karan Bhatt, starring Bhamini Oza Gandhi and Pratik Gandhi. Watch it here.

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In the world of TECH:

  1. Alexa now has support for Hindi on Fire TV

  2. Apple dropping App Store fees to 15% for users with under $1 million in revenues

  3. YouTube Can Now Make Money Off Your Videos Even If You Can't

  4. Instagram redesign puts Reels and Shop tabs on the home screen

In the world of MARKETING:

  1. Instagram expands new ‘Guides’ feature to all users, upgrades Search

  2. Twitter rolls out Stories, aka ‘Fleets,’ to all users; will also test a Clubhouse rival

  3. YouTube targets music fans with new audio ad format

  4. Instagram revamps its mobile messaging app Threads

In the world of BUSINESS:

  1. India Tycoon Asked to Pay $8.4 Billion to Stay Out of Jail

  2. Khatabook and Dukaan resolve issues out of court

  3. Reliance Retail Acquires Urban Ladder In Online Furniture Push

  4. Indian billionaire plans to revive and electrify a classic UK motorcycle brand

  5. Tesla will join the S&P 500 in December after being snubbed earlier this year

In the world of POP CULTURE:

  1. Marvel's 'Black Panther' Sequel Shoot to Begin in July

  2. Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on HBO Max the same day it’s in theaters for no extra cost

  3. 'Friends' Reunion Special Set to Film in Early 2021

  4. Taylor Swift responds to Scooter Braun selling masters to her first six albums

  5. The studio behind Hitman is making a James Bond game

Find out what is the long-term value of something. When viewed from that lens is when we understand the value of those things that we currently cherish and whether it has real value or not.

Thank you for your time, honestly and I shall see you next week with the fifteenth edition of the newsletter.

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